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Shall residential property taxes be capped at one percent (1%) of the full cash value of the property?

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The Problem

There are many paid government press agents advocating the raising of property taxes, increasing government spending and debt.

This explains how Illinois’ property tax problem grew so massive, and largely without resistance. The resistance wasn’t organized. Property taxpayers have had no press agent. Until now.

HDA will speak up for the silent majority of homeowners.

We’ll also arm homeowners themselves with the information they need to fight back in their own communities, counteracting the self-serving propaganda advanced by special interests who benefit from Illinois’ confiscatory property tax system, including:

The Solution

1% Hard Cap (as percentage of home value)

Families like yours are being priced out of their homes by unfair and unaffordable property taxes.

Illinois needs simple property tax caps like Indiana, California, and many other states to protect our homeowners and end the unaffordable property tax burden that is crushing families.

The Impact

1% hard cap that handcuffs local government to restore home values overnight.

A 1% hard cap will force the state to remove themselves from business they’ve proven to be poor at managing and force a constitutionally required balanced budget.

A balanced budget forces the state government to properly fund K-12 education, one of the states primary functions, just like the red state of Indiana and blue state of California.

Join Our Fight

HDA members receive a customized annual report on their own home and its property taxes, including:

What’s your real property tax rate, as a percentage of your home’s value?

How much do you pay compared to comparable homes in your community?

Your tax bill compared to similarly-valued homes in surrounding states where property taxes have been reformed?

How much have you paid in property taxes all-time, since you first purchased your home?

What is your home’s actual value today vs. five or ten years ago, in real dollars (adjusted for inflation)?

Which units of local government are most responsible for your property tax increase?

Please enter your address. If we have your home on file, you'll see it populate for selection. If it does not appear, please enter your full address and submit. Expect to receive your full report in 24-48 hours.